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Finished-Medium & Small Bonsai

Finished-Medium & Small Bonsai

Stylish bonsai which are finished designing, and classfied with Height :

  • Medium bonsai:30cm~75cm, currently, this is the mosrt popular type of bonsai. A bonsai of this size can be easily carried in two hands, and its care and maintenance are also manageabble. Furthermore, it can be positioned near the door, in living room, on a small table, or in the hallway. Medium bonsai are high prices. They also have the highest appreciated value and are the best medium for exhibition the horticultural art of bonsai expert.
  • Small bonsai & Miniature bonsai:20cm~30cm & 15cm~20cm ; for bonsai enthusiasts who live in cities and have limited living space, small bonsai are the most suitable size, they are destined to become as popular as medium bonsai in the near future.
  • Super miniature bonsai:<15cm, a suitable size for bonsai lovers living.

(Image resource:ZHEN SHU YUAN BONSAI)

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